When it comes to landscape photography, your choice of crop is one of the few creative decisions that will have a bigger influence on the finished image than any other. Despite this, many photographers find it difficult to have a firm grasp on that particular aspect of photography.

Check out this wonderful video instruction that features an experienced landscape photographer delivering a lot of useful tips and insight into what constitutes a good crop if you would like to enhance not just your crops but also your photographs as a whole.

This excellent video tutorial, which was created by Mark Denney specifically for your use, will demonstrate to you a fantastic way to think about cropping landscape photographs. If you are anything like me, you may spend several minutes gazing at your screen, unable to determine which crop you like for an image, and cycling between many alternatives over and over again. If this seems familiar, you may be experiencing what I call “crop paralysis.”

Denney’s strategy, which he refers to as the “dominant edge,” on the other hand, makes a lot of sense and serves as an excellent guiding concept. Cropping is something that will probably always be difficult for me, but expanding my skill set in this area is never a bad thing. Watch the video that’s been provided above to get the complete story from Denney.

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