It is everyone’s ambition to one day make a living doing what they are passionate about, and in 2022, this appears more achievable than ever before. On the other hand, the landscape photography genre isn’t usually as lucrative as other types of photography, like wedding or portrait photography.

How exactly can one generate a reliable and consistent income in this industry? Which avenues should one prioritize, and which should be avoided since they are not worth the investment of one’s valuable time?

Mark Denney, a landscape photographer with 17 years of experience, was let go from his corporate position unexpectedly. He, as so many of us did during covid, investigated his choices online with the goal of monetizing his interest in the subject matter he was most passionate about.

In this video, Mark gives us an inside look into his many revenue sources, from the ones that didn’t earn any money at all to the ones that contributed more than 70 percent of his entire income.

Many of us who ordinarily believed that our job was either not possible in a full-time capacity or was resigned to the concept of working freelance, permanently at the mercy of the customer, have found that the title of “Photography Youtuber” has become an aspirational goal for us.

However, as Mark explains in the video, the amount of money earned through AdSense on YouTube is unpredictable and very changeable. Even someone with as many subscribers as Mark does not have to rely only on one particular source of revenue.

Instead, he has taken a step back and considered the ways in which he may make the experience of landscape photography available to others while also constructing a company around it. This video offers a great deal of insight since the creator combines it with a few other channels and discusses his progress in terms of both numbers and cash.

It is an essential watch for anybody interested in establishing a successful photography company online.

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