When it comes to landscape photography, we are at the whim of the elements, which can be a really annoying thing. This is especially true when you have traveled for hours with a backpack of equipment on your back.

So, when the weather isn’t too nice, what are some things that you can do? In point of fact, it doesn’t matter what the weather is like; so long as you go about things in the right manner, you can take images that are worth keeping. You may learn how to do it with the help of this high-quality video lesson.

This fantastic video instruction was produced by Michael Shainblum, and it will demonstrate to you how to take attractive landscape photographs regardless of the lighting circumstances. This is a crucial lesson to learn since I firmly believe that any situation may produce wonderful photographs; the trick, however, is to accept the conditions as they are and make the most of the elements and light that are available to you.

Photographers frequently have an image in mind that they want to capture and will attempt to bring it into existence through post-shoot editing; however, this typically results in frustration rather than anything else.

Instead, you should be willing to pivot whenever it is necessary; this will allow you to bring home stronger shots and let you enjoy the experience much more. The complete breakdown, as presented by Shainblum, may be found in the video that can be found above.

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