ISO Sensitivity

The sensitivity of the camera to light can be changed in accordance with the quantity of light that is now available. You have the option of selecting from several settings that range from ISO 100 to ISO 51200. There are other settings that range from approximately 0.3 to 1 EV below ISO 100 and 0.3 to 2 EV above ISO 51200 that can be used for unique circumstances. When the ISO sensitivity is increased, the amount of light required to create an exposure decreases, which enables the use of faster shutter speeds or smaller apertures.

Adjusting ISO Sensitivity

  • While keeping your finger on the S (Q) button, turn the main command dial.
  • Both the control panel and the viewfinder will show the selected option when it is activated.

b, along with the other EFCT modes (with the exception of j), all give an ISO sensitivity of X. ([Auto]). When the letter X is chosen, the camera makes automated adjustments to the ISO sensitivity.
Changes are made in the default increment size of a third of an EV. Through the use of Custom Setting b1 [EV steps for exposure cntrl], one is able to alter the magnitude of the increments.

The Photo Shooting Menu includes the ISO Sensitivity Settings. Option

  • Sensitivity equivalent to a high ISO
  • Hi 0.3–Hi 2
  • Lo 0.3–Lo 1

Automatic Control of ISO Sensitivity

In the P, S, A, and M exposure modes, the auto ISO sensitivity control feature will automatically modify the ISO sensitivity if the user’s chosen value for the exposure mode does not allow for ideal exposure to be attained.

Activating the Auto ISO Sensitivity Control feature

In the menu for taking photos, choose “ISO sensitivity settings.” Then, choose “Automatic ISO sensitivity control,” and hit the number 2 key.

Make sure [On] is selected.

To enable automatic control of the ISO setting, highlight [On] and hit the J button. In the event that a flash is utilized, the ISO sensitivity will be modified accordingly.

  • If you choose [Off], the sensitivity setting will not change from the value that the user has chosen for it.
  • Adjust parameters.
  • Change the settings for the auto ISO sensitivity control.

When the [On] button is pressed for the [Auto ISO sensitivity control] option, indications for the ISO AUTO setting will display in both the control panel and the viewfinder. When these indications are lighted up (but not flashing), the camera will capture images using the sensitivity that was chosen for the [ISO sensitivity] setting. When the user makes a change to the sensitivity setting that is different from the value that was selected, the ISO AUTO indicators will flash and the new value will be shown on the screen.

Automatic Control of ISO Sensitivity

Activating or deactivating the automatic ISO sensitivity control

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