In this video, I pull out my brand new Nikon D780 and walk you through the process of configuring the camera’s menus, step by step. I will walk you through all of the configurations that I alter (and suggest), as well as explain the reasoning behind why I do not alter others.

In addition to that, I’ll explain WHY I set things the way I do and how the various menu options can have an effect on your photos when you’re out and about. Also, I would want to bring to your attention the fact that I focus mostly on photographing animals, and so my arrangement will represent that reality.

Additionally, even if you do not own a Nikon D780, you should still be able to derive a bit of value from watching this video. Because of the significant amount of overlap that exists between the D780 and Nikon’s other mid-range to professional cameras, the majority of the menu-setting recommendations shown in this video will also be applicable to those other cameras.

A Look At The Table Of Contents:

Due to the length of this video, I’ve chosen to include a TOC to make it simpler for readers to return and select the section they are interested in reading.

  • 00.01s – Intro and time/date setting
  • 02.25s – Playback Menu Setup
  • 10.32s – Setup for the Photographic Shooting Menu
  • 20.03s — User Defaults and Custom Settings — Autofocus
  • 29.00s – The Custom Setting Menu, which includes Metering, Exposure, and Timers, as well as AE Lock
  • 30.20s – User Default Settings Menu – Shooting / Display
  • 34.40s – The Custom Setting Menu, Which Includes Bracketing and Flash
  • 35.35s Controls may be found in the Custom Setting Menu.
  • 43.26s – Setup Menu
  • 45.38s – My Menu
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