Obtaining new customers is one of the most difficult challenges faced by newly established photography businesses. Photographer Serge Ramelli, who specializes in real estate and landscape photography, shares some helpful advice for marketing a photography business and quickly acquiring new customers by drawing from his own experience climbing the professional ladder.

Anecdotes from Ramelli’s early career as a photographer in Paris are used to illustrate the points he wants to make about running a successful business. His tactics are adaptable to any type of photography, despite the fact that real estate and landscape photography are his areas of expertise.

The hated yet the very productive method of cold calling is one of his primary pieces of advice. Even though he admits that his success rate in cold calls might seem low (one sale per 40 calls), he argues that setting aside time each week for cold calls is a sure way to quickly promote the growth of your photography business. This is because cold calls are more likely to be answered by a live person than by an automated system.

When trying to promote your services to other people, one of his other pieces of advice emphasizes the significance of displaying printed images. Because we are so accustomed to viewing photographs displayed digitally on screens, providing a sample of your work in the form of tangible, printed photographs is a straightforward yet effective way to differentiate your photography from the competition.

In this video, Ramelli’s message comes across very clearly, and it’s clear that he has a strong passion for photography and a strong desire to assist others in growing their own photography businesses. Watching his video might be one of the finest uses of your time you do throughout the whole year, and it will only take you 15 minutes of your time.

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