The Nikon D750 has been a very well-liked camera for quite some time, and the D780, which is its successor, continues that tradition of excellence. It appears to be fairly capable of addressing the requirements of a broad variety of shooters thanks to its feature set, which is extremely practical and well-balanced. This top-notch video review provides a detailed analysis of the new DSLR camera, allowing you to choose for yourself whether or not you should purchase it.

This fantastic review of the new Nikon D780 was written by Maarten Heilbron and is now available for your perusal. Many Nikon DSLR photographers will find the D780 to be an appealing option since it offers a strong set of specifications that should enable it to deliver reliable performance in a variety of settings.

A new autofocus technology, significant Live View upgrades, the inclusion of 4K video, a burst mode that can shoot at 12 frames per second with the electronic shutter, an upgraded back LCD, and longer battery life are some of the key changes. An improved sensor and compatibility for UHS-II SD cards in both slots are added bonuses on top of everything else.

Overall, it appears to be a wonderful addition to the already superb D750, with a feature set that is in line with what is expected of a mid-level body in the year 2020. You can hear Heilbron’s whole opinions on the camera in the video that is located above.

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