In a recent announcement, Topaz Labs announced the debut of their all-in-one Photo AI package, which has the ability to magically eliminate noise, sharpen, and enhance resolution with just the touch of a button. But how does it stack up against the company’s other particular offerings, in this instance DeNoise AI?

If you are not familiar with the editing solutions offered by Topaz Labs, you should know that for a considerable amount of time now, they have been towards the top of the tree for fixing noise in an image as well as sharpening. Before not so long ago, the products sold by Topaz Labs were distinct from one another. For example, there was DeNoise AI, Sharpen AI, and Gigapixel AI.

The first two are very self-explanatory in what they do, but Gigapixel AI increases the resolution of a picture, which is something that may be quite helpful if you want to print an image on a huge scale. You could have (and still can) purchase any of them independently, or you could purchase them all together in a bundle.

Even though you bought them together in a package, you were required to utilize the components separately from one another. Topaz Labs, on the other hand, just very recently introduced Photo AI, which is an all-in-one piece of software that, with the press of a button, can improve resolution, sharpen, and eliminate noise from an image. It certainly sounds impressive, but how does it measure up when compared to the company’s other individual products?

This takes us to a fantastic movie created by Anthony Morganti, in which he compares the results of the new Photo AI against those of the DeNoise AI, in order to determine whether one is more effective at removing noise. Simply pitting two of a company’s goods against one another in a head-to-head competition makes for an interesting experiment.

Regardless of the outcome, the only reasonable conclusion to draw is that there must be some kind of cannibalism taking place. If photo AI proves to be superior, does this mean that noise removal AI will become obsolete? And if it turns out that DeNoise AI is the winner, does it indicate that Topaz Labs has been wasting its time on the new Photo AI? Have a look at the video, and then share your feedback with me here. Personally, I appreciate having the ability to keep the control that DeNoise AI provides me with.

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