Nikon has just released the D780 digital single-lens reflex camera, despite the fact that some people would have you believe that we are currently experiencing the death rattle of the DSLR camera. Why would you purchase this new DSLR when you could switch over to the Z 6 given that mirrorless technology is the way of the future?

In this brief video, Kai Wong considers this question and offers some insightful observations and recommendations as a result of his research. It is important to give some thought to aspects such as the viewfinder, the autofocus system, and the lenses available, and it appears that manufacturers will continue to produce digital single-lens reflex cameras so long as consumers continue to buy them.

Although Kai is primarily concerned with still photography, video shooters will find that the D780 is a significant upgrade, as explained in this wonderful video by Evan Ranft. When Nikon released the Z 6 and Z 7, the company made some significant advancements in terms of the video performance of those cameras. Since then, Nikon has made the decision to port many of those upgrades to the brand-new D780.

There is a possibility that the raw video is missing (perhaps pending the installation of a possible firmware update?). However, the resolution is a rock-solid 4K with N-Log and only a slight crop, all while maintaining excellent color. The autofocus system has also undergone significant development, making the D780 a significantly superior option to its predecessors.

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